2013 Oahu Price Gains

We’ve been watching prices for single family homes and condos climb in Hawaii and on Oahu in particular this year. Now, with half a year behind us, the numbers are impressive. Specifically, here are the gains in year-to-date median prices for single family homes (January-June), 2013 vs 2012:


With the exception of a couple of anomalies, we have nice gains in most of the Island.  Here is a detailed breakdown of the same information:


The picture is also good for condominium owners who have seen similar increases:



Again, the details for condominiums:


A one percent increase in interest rates over the last month has had a slight impact on local market activity, slowing things just a bit, but in the last week rates have begun to ease back a bit and I don’t anticipate any major pull-back in the market.  It remains an excellent time to sell and to buy.


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