Why Percentage Based Real Estate Commissions Are Nuts

We’ve been at it here in Hawaii for more than 10 years.  At what? you ask.  At providing real estate services that are priced fairly and reasonably; at pioneering a newer, better way of doing the real estate business; at not just selling real estate, but also changing the way real estate is sold.  We’ve gone from nothing to being one of the most substantial residential real estate companies on Oahu, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the program we offer.

We’re different.

Oh, we get the job done just like the best known companies on the island.  We offer full service that goes beyond our clients’ expectations.  We delight the people who work with us so much that most of our business comes from their referrals.  Best of all, we save our clients thousands of dollars over what they’d likely pay an old fashioned real estate broker.

We are not married to the old way of doing business.  Nor are we married to the old way of charging for our services.  Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties is the next big thing in real estate, a new way to buy and sell and the best way to save in the process.

Sometimes the best way to explain the difference is to put a pencil to it and run the numbers.  Here is short video that does just that:

If you are ready to be delighted not just by the real estate service you receive but also by the fee you pay for it, call us.  Let us show you a newer, better way to sell and buy real estate!

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