Attention Oahu Real Estate Agents!

It’s time to get serious about your career in real estate.  The market is moving at a rapid pace, homes are selling and it looks like we are in for several years of marketplace normalcy.

Now is the time when great careers and great real estate businesses are made.  It is your moment, your time to shine, your best shot at major success . . . IF you are positioned to take advantage of the opportunity.  What does that mean?

If you are an agent working for an ordinary real estate company, be it franchised or independent, you are competing against thousands of other agents just like yourself, with the same tools, same information, same offering, and same pricing.  The only edge you could possibly have in that fishbowl – the only things that might set you apart from the pack – are your personality and your work ethic.  So, let’s assume you really apply yourself next year.  You work harder and smarter and you polish up that smile . . .  and you go from doing 12 deals to doing 16.  That’s very nice, but it’s hardly the stuff of real estate greatness.

This is not the time to increase your production by 30%.  It is the time to increase it by 300%.  And you won’t do it by doing the same things you did last year and the year before, only doing them harder.  It’s time to look for a better way to do the real estate business.

And you know what the way is:  It is Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties.  Here’s why:

As Help-U-Sell Brokers and Agents, we go into the marketplace with a consumer offer that is not only fundamentally different than that of our competitors, but also superior to theirs from a consumer point of view.  We accomplish the same results the pack of ordinary agents and brokers do, but we save people thousands over what they’d pay anyone else!  It is an offer that is so compelling that, now the word is out all over the Island, many potential sellers want to at least talk with us before making a listing decision.  Can you imagine how much more you could do if people you don’t know called you out of the clear blue and asked, ‘You can save me money, right?  How does this work?’ 

We focus on marketing and marketplace intelligence that more closely resembles what Home Depot does than what ABC Realty does. And because Help-U-Sell marketing is systematic and focused, it produces a steady stream of buyer and seller leads into the office.

Our agents love working here because we have the one thing nobody else can give them:  leads.  While agents at other companies flirt with burn out from the gigantic job description they try to manage, our agents have a streamlined, focused job and an opportunity to do more, make more and have more fun doing it.

It is a smaller, tightly knit office team that is outperforming companies with 10 times the agents.  It is very different from an ordinary office where the broker begs people to come to work, begs people to stay, begs people to attend sales meeting, begs people to do the prospecting they promised to do and so on (and, aren’t you getting tired of all that begging?).

If you are mired in an ordinary real estate office with nothing special to offer other than your track record and personality, give me a call and let’s talk about how things might be different and better at Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties.

Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties is a full service real estate company that provides exceptional service while charging less than ordinary Realtors.  We’ve been successfully helping buyers and sellers all over Oahu for more than 12 years and we’d be delighted to help you achieve your housing dreams.  Contact us at (808) 593-8811, or visit our website.