What People Say About Us

Saved Thousands!  We have used Richard's services for three real estate transactions because he was so helpful the first time. He was very sensitive to our needs and priorities in both purchasing and selling a home -- really listened to what we wanted and followed through quickly. Richard was also able to negotiate and get the best selling price for us which has made our lives much easier as we moved on to a better home. I recommend that you call him to see how he can help you save a great deal of money when you sell -- he provided everything we needed while we saved many thousands of dollars in commissions. Thanks, Richard. Aloha, Carol & Jerry


Slow Market: Sold In 1 Day! I highly recommend Richard and his team. Richard and his team helped me list our family home in the summer of 2012. We had an offer in 1 DAY and closed deal in 3 weeks during a very slow market. The staging and photography as well as YouTube video by his team made a huge difference. From our first meeting trying to figure out what we wanted all the way through to the closing, Richard was always there and he was fantastic! He is very professional and knowledgeable but never intimidating. It was a great experience! Thanks Richard!


A Pleasure to Work With.  Skilled, ethical and professional in every way, Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties has now successfully handled three real estate transactions for me. Richard's technical knowledge of the real estate process, his strong strategic skills and focus on the customer make him a pleasure to work with. His low-cost and highly effective business model not only produces results but also provides excellent value for both buyer and seller. I have and will continue to recommend Richard to anyone in need of a real estate professional.

J.R. Meier   

Best Realtor Ever.  In general very sufficient office. They did everything Richard said they would do and more. Everything done in an efficient manner follow up was great. Communications were great. There were many things that I did not expect "Help-U-Sell" to do. Richard took charge and handled everything. His advice was great. I was traveling a lot and he kept everything moving. I really liked Richard's direct no-nonsense approach. No guess work, he was very clean and did not waste my time with non essential discussions designed to make me feel good but otherwise meaningless. I have worked with numerous Realtors through the years. Richard was the best I ever had.

James M. Mortensen   

Wonderful Staff.  I was looking for someone who would be direct and to the point. Don't like a lot of busy talk that means nothing except to make you feel good. Richard was the right choice for me. He did not waste my time. I knew what I was doing but needed the kind of expertise that only an experienced agent could provide. I traveled a lot during the process and his handling of paper work was fantastic. When I listed my home with him, I had just completed the purchase of one in another state and during that process the paper work was painfull. Printing e-mails. signing them, scanning back etc.took a lot of time and access to a computer and printer.. With Richard I did everything on an IPad in a fraction of the time. He know what was important and what was not. When I had decisions to make he provided good guidence but never tried to talk me into anything. Never got the feeling that his interest in a commission influenced him. I was not sure which way to go from the beginning. Sell or rent. I set a goal. At one point I decided it was time to change my direction and he never tried to influence that decision. Fortunately timing was such that a change in direction was not necessary and we got a sale. Also very important was the fact that his office was wonderfull. Scheduling appointments to show my home went smoothly every time. Being home or in another state made no difference. We had agreed on what to do in either case and it worked.