The Truth About Help-U-Sell

I talk with Oahu residents – and even people who don’t live here – about Help-U-Sell all the time.  I am excited about who we are and what we do and love to share that.  I am often surprised by what people think they know about us though.  The misconceptions seem to have a life of their own and though we’ve been operating successfully for more than 10 years, I encounter them almost daily.  Some of the most common misconceptions are:

Help-U-Sell is a For Sale By Owner Company –  No, we are a Full Service real estate company.  We do everything every other Full Service real estate company on the island does and a lot of things they don’t do!

You have to do a lot of work yourself if you list with Help-U-Sell – No, Full Service means Full Service and we do hold open houses, manage inspections, market heavily, hold hands, anticipate and solve problems and manage our transactions like mother hens all the way to closing!

You have to pay Help-U-Sell up front!  – No, our fee is due at closing; so if your home doesn’t sell, you don’t pay us.  It’s the same as with almost any other Full Service real estate company.

Help-U-Sell people aren’t real agents! – No. Just like almost any other agents working on Oahu, we are licensed by the state and belong to the State, Local and National Association of REALTORS.  We are as real as a Realtor can be!

Well, with Help-U-Sell, you get what you pay for! – No, no and no.  This statement implies that we are a stripped down discount service, the Yugo of real estate.  We carefully analyze your home and the market and make pricing recommendations, advise you about sprucing up, put your home in the MlS and all over the Internet, we stay in touch, arrange showings, present and advise you about offers, estimate your net proceeds, manage the transaction to closing and on and on.  We charge less NOT because we’ve stripped service out of the equation, but because we run our company very differently from the way others are run.  It’s a new way to sell real estate that saves sellers thousands!

Here is a 90 second video that explains who we are concisely:

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